MUSICLENS: This innovative piece of tech got my mind as I have never seen something like this before, a sunglass with effective music system and that too without putting anything in the ear.

Most smart glasses in the market are too complicated, have a poor user experience, and very expensive, We want to create a simple, convenient, affordable pair of smart glasses which anyone can use in daily life. Introducing MusicLens—the first smart glasses designed for use in daily life.

Some of the Features of MUSICLENS:

  • Music / Radio / Phone/ 4GB Space Offline

MusicLens — the smart glasses that can listen to music, answer calls and listen to FM radio. MusicLens are easy to carry and look just like normal glasses. It’s cool, convenient and practical.

  • Affordable. Cool. Designed for Daily Life

A smart wearable audio device designed for daily use, especially for times when using smartphones and headphones is inconvenient like driving, cycling, meetings, studying and traveling.

Video On User Feedback:

Protect Hearing While Experiencing Premium Audio

The main Motto of MusicLens is to protect your eyes and ears at the same time and still get the same feature of using them both comfortably.

Wearing headphones for a long time can cause permanent hearing loss?MusicLens’ bone-conduction technology transmits sound through your skull, giving your eardrums maximum protection.

MusicLens also have the feature of Optical lenses so now you can also use it for Reading Books, studying or anywhere no issues at all also they provide multiple colors so choose your own color with full freedom.

Musiclens Glasses has 3 different categories:

  1. Modern ( $189 )
  2. Vogue ($169 )
  3. Geek ($129 )

MUSICLENS isnt still launched Officially on the market but it will be launched soon so if you are thinking to buy one of these then head over to this Website and Sign-up for the waiting list to get 60% off when it launches.

You can Visit Musiclens IndieGogo.


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