Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: iPhone comes with the various built-in app. One of the main app is Mail App which helps to send you the mail with different mail types such as Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud and various other development.

Whenever some update comes various bugs also come with it. Many of you are experiencing a problem with crashing of the Mail App.

Are you getting a message reading “cannot get mail iPhone or iPad (Client or Server)

This blog will let you help all type of Mail App related issue like Mail message not showing on the lock screen or Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: Follow the below step one by one to get rid of all Mail App related issue.

Solution to fix iPhone Mail App related issue:

1- Update your iOS to the latest version

Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: You can simply update your operating system to the latest version. Just check out the below steps to update to the latest version. Sometimes newer version can solve your bug related issues.

  • Settings app on iPhone, iPad > Next To the General > Software Update.

Updating your help will remove the bug issues on various application and Mail App can be one of the App whose bug will be removed after updating it to the latest version.

2- Mail App notification not showing on the lock screen

Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: Sometimes user of unaware of a feature which lets you hide Mail App notification on lock screen. A user usually curses Apple for this rather than looking out for this feature. Follow the below simple steps to simply disable that feature so that you can view the notification on lock screen.

  • After going to Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Mail > Notifications
  • Turn on the “Allow notification”
  • Tap on “Account name” > “Allow Notifications – Lock Screen – Set the Sound” and “When Unlocked”options should be selected under show previews settings.

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3- Let use Mail App over cellular data

Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: Some settings let you stop some application to run on cellular data. So remove that feature so that Mail App can use cellular data and it can run smoothly.

To do that follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Cellular
  • Go down to see all apps which are using the cellular app. If Mail app is not using the cellular app, turn it on.

4-  Push, Fetch should be enabled

Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12:  You have to enable push button for every individual account. Follow the below steps to easily turn on this option.

  •  Go to Settings app > Scroll down and See Account & Password.

  • Fetch New Data > Enable Push for all the account or Set this options for the individual account.

Also, don’t forget to check the fetch interval.

5- Delete and Re-add the account

Solve Mail App Crashing In iOS 11, iOS 12: Simply delete the account and re-add it. This we are doing to get the updated configuration. You can do so by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Password.
  • Next tap on Email Account name > Next Delete it.




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