We have seen AI camera Features on our Mobile Phones with all Wide variety Features like Depth, Stickers and many more. We havent Seen something like that for a Video Camera.

In an attempt to make High-Quality Video recording easy and Totally Automated a Company Named OBSBOT launched their First Video camera which they call ” World’s First AI Auto Director Based Video Camera”.

OBSBOT Trail is Fully Automated as it has the capability to shoot a High-Quality Video using Artificial Intelligence. It’s designed to give video creators a range of exciting new abilities, through premium hardware, a powerful app, and advanced algorithms. 

The AI will let you to track, record and capture movement in up to 4K/60fps videos, in even more complex environment. With OBSBOT Tail, anyone can be their own actor, director and cameraman all at the same time!

Some Basic Features Of the AI driven Video Camera:

  • 5TFLOPS AI Chip
  • 4K 60FPS
  • 3-axis Gimbal
  • AI Tracking
  • Professional Imaging
  • Auto Zoom
  • Obsbot Studio
  • Live Stream

You can Download the Press Kit

Here Is a Review of OBSBOT Trail:

OBSBOT Trail can Shoot full Professional Video as we see on Movies by using its high-end hardware, advanced AI algorithms and super-functional app enable OBSBOT Tail to cope with your advanced complex demands. 

Its intelligent shooting features make OBSBOT Tail the perfect choice for dancers, skaters, vloggers, families, and other video content creators including more advanced users such as filmmakers. 

Here Are Main OBSBOT Trail Features:

  • Intelligent Shooting

Advanced algorithms enable OBSBOT Tail to track, record and capture targets’ movements in 4K videos, automatically. Once you capture your footage, you can edit and share it in only a few steps with Obsbot studio app.

  • Tap Lock

˹ Tap Lock ˼ technology integrated in OBSBOT Tail allows you to quickly lock or switch the shooting target with a simple click. Other shooting modes include:

  • Power Gesture

OBSBOT Tail is the world’s first video camera supporting high-precision gesture control system. Its gesture recognition technology enables a stable and accurate gesture control within up to 6m (Wide) to 20m (Tele) distances.  

The gesture control also works really well in complex environments such as different shooting angles, various background,  and complicated light conditions.  No need to press buttons or interrupt your flow!

  • AI Tracking

OBSBOT Tail ensures stable and smooth tracking with advanced AI tracking that allows for shooting up to 40 meters. The smart AI also tracks in low light environments, noisy streets, twisted postures, tricky angles and colorful backgrounds.

  • Pin Pointing

Pin Pointing is making a selection of a Object or a person you want to track.
Pin-pointing is used to simulate shooting capability of photographers based on deep visual learning techniques .  

  • Zoom

No matter how far away your target is from your camera, OBSBOT Tail keeps your film smooth and stable, with the target kept to a fixed frame to his/herself.

  • Powerful AI Chip

OBSBOT Tail uses HiSilicon Hi3559A chip which brings a staggering 5 TFLOPS of computing power. This makes it possible to support premium imaging technologies like HDR10*/3DLUT/3DNR etc. With support from these powerful and efficient technologies, OBSBOT Tail gives you unrivaled performance in the field of AI imaging. 

  • Professional Lens

OBSBOT Tail records up to 4K/60fps UHD videos and captures up to 12M pictures. The optical zoom lens system composes 10 pieces of lenses with 4 of them HOYA aspherical lenses. With a 1/2.3″ Sony CMOS sensor integrated, OBSBOT Tail brings you professional video quality. 

  • 360′ Rotation/Pan

OBSBOT Tail’s unique 360° lock-free gimbal makes it possible to shoot in a creative and cinematic way, breaking the limitations of traditional video equipment.

  • Time-Lapse

With intelligent automatic zoom technology and a stable 360° three-axis gimbal, OBSBOT Tail brings you most creative time-lapse options, such as static time-lapse, moving time-lapse, and surround time-lapse etc. 

  • Obsbot Studio

Obsbot Studio App provides a powerful post-editing function. Think of it as your exclusive personal video studio! Anyone can be an editing master with OBSBOT Studio App! Unleash your creativity with its many unique and creative features. 

  • Editing

Introducing the free app with frame-level processing ability and powerful video editing functions. 

OBSBOT Structure Specs
OBSBOT Structure Specs
Technical Specs
Technical Specs

You can Check out the OBSBOT Trail From KICKSTARTER


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