When we talk about e-bikes which are very common nowadays we generally think whether its reliable to buy such bikes. E-bikes come with integrated electric motor and rechargeable batteries.

There are many e-bikes available across the world. E-bikes have been in use since the late 19th century. In this blog, we will talk about the latest e-bikes the MATE X.

MATE X comes with three model latest being MATE X 700. The previous model is MATE X 250 and MATE X 250+.

MATE X- Fully loaded folding eBike

Mate x - smart E Bike
Mate x – smart E Bike

Mate x is not only an eBike but its also a fully loaded foldable eBike which comes with a cool and most innovative design. The past model of Mate x got a great response from the users and keeping the feedback in mind the company came with their newest model which is blowing the mind. The previous model was one of the best selling models in the world which encourage them to come with the flagship version of Mate x.

Whats new in this Mate-

The new Mate comes with more bigger in size, tougher and more durable with some added extra voltage in motor and all comes without compromising in weight and design of other models. The battery of this model is an added advantage considering the other features. On a single charge, it can easily cover easily around 60-80 miles. With the change in gears now you can easily counter obstacle very comfortably. Anti-puncture tires make this bike suitable for the rough road.

Mate x - smart E Bike
Mate x – smart E Bike

Features of MATE X:-

1. Smart Display- Computer display present in the front contains lots of features. It helps you to monitor the speed, distance and time taken. Many other features include a built-in USB charging option from where you can easily charge your device. You actually don’t need to worry about the weather while going outside because of its waterproof feature.

2. Get a clear view while you drive- Front part is having minimal design making it perfect for a sleek view. The computer display is present in the middle of the handle making it very less complex. The handlebar is designed to provide comfort during a long ride.

3. Some foldable items- As mentioned above this cycle comes with fully loaded folding items. The pedal can be easily folded making it very portable. It can save lots of space as it can be easily folded against the crank arms.

4. Suspension for maximum comfortability- The front and the back suspension are designed to provide a smooth ride and provide an extra comfort to the lower back. This makes the bike a perfect option to take on off-road adventures. In addition to that, the front suspensions come with adjustable preload for matching the weight of the rider. It also mechanical lock-out for a perfect ride on smooth roads.

Warranty of the product-

The MATE X comes with 2-year limited manufacturer’s defect. The warranty does not include parts such as tires, brake, chains etc.

Want to purchase or Check out the product MATE X E-BIKE


If you are a guy who is looking for an e-bike for the purpose of trekking or to enjoy the ride on rough roads then this can be the perfect fit for you as well as for your pocket. It’s easily foldable with some nice design. Go for it!

Happy riding!


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