How To Download iOS 9 On Android ( Download Link )

How To Download iOS 9 On Android ( Download Link )

So if you want to download iOS Rom files on your device to run iOS based Android Device then we have listed below all the apps and other things that we require to make that happen.

So what Features will iOS 9 bring on your device:

  1. Renaming the Device as iPhone 6+
  2. iOS 9 will operate just as smooth on iOS itself
  3. iOS 9 look and feel as the interface is same as iOS 9
  4. Same boot animation and logo has been applied
  5. 600MB free ram usage
  6. iOS 9 like apps like Calendar, Settings, and remainder.
  7. iOS 9 build in wallpaper
  8. Fully Tweaked as all features and usability as iOS
  9. iOS setting and icons have been changed
  10. Removed unnecessary bloatware
  11. Added sony Weather app
  12. iOS Control Center

So these were all the total features that you get with the iOS 9 Rom.

Download iOS zip file

Since first you need to download the RIGHT file for your android because if it is not for your android then you will damage your phone. Download

Installation through TWRP custom recovery

  1. First, create the backup of your android phone
  2. Now go to TWRP Recovery mode by pressing special keys combination ( search for your android on google)
  3. Now on TWRP Recovery click on a wipe and clear your phone data. (This step will erase your phone data but you can also skip this step but this step is recommended )
  4. Now come back and click on install.

  1. Select the download iOS ZIP file and then swipe to the right to install.
  2. Flash the iOS9 Rom by Aaryan Pednekar
  3. Flash Dolby Atmos
  4. Flash sound patch
  5. Flash Increased Flash Light.

Now your device will Reboot, Note that your device may take a while to reboot so be patient. After the reboot, you will see you Device change to iOS9 Device with the same iOS on Android Style.

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