A new Tweak for Snapchat users is coming up named as Snapfrogi, which is a lightWeight Tweak for Snapchat users. There are so many tweaks that we use for Instagram Youtube and some other platforms but now its time for Snapchat to use some Tweaks.

The New Tweak named Snapfrogi which brings some cool new and exciting features to your iOS-based devices and in this post we will give and detailed tutorial on how you can Download and Install SnapFrogi on your iOS Device.

SnapFrogi Cydia Tweak:

As we know that Snapchat is one of the topmost using App for iOS and for Android as well, widely popular all across the world. There are several Tweaks that helps users to save Snapchat stories, download videos, and contents and even check out someone’s story anonymously.

As Snapchat Officially doesn’t have this type of Features inbuilt and so this is where the Tweaks come handy for users to gain full control of app and increasing its usability.

SnapFrogi Cydia tweak adds new features to the stock Snapchat app for iOS. It is developed by Kurdish tweak developer Karwan BK.

Apart from the run-of-the-mill features like bypassing screenshot detection, it lets you perform a whole host of locked actions.

Key Features of SnapFrogi:

  • No screenshot detection
  • No screen recording detection
  • Hide typing
  • Custom snap views
  • French, Russian, Arabic support
  • Anti-jailbreak detection
  • Custom snap score (deprecated)
  • Hide from camera roll (deprecated)
  • Hide from Memories (deprecated)

Download SnapFrogi:

You can download SnapFrogi from here SnapFrogi. SnapFrogi is free and is available for ios 10 and 11.

Install/Setup SnapFrogi on your iOS Device:

SnapFrogi comes with a simple yet feature-rich preferences section. Here’s how you can set this tweak up on your iPhone –

  • No Screenshot Detector (on) – No one will know you screenshotted a chat or story.
  • No Screen Recording Detector (on) – Users won’t know you have recorded chats and snaps.
  • Hide From Camera Roll (on) – Snap any photo or video and no one will know you uploaded from camera roll. This feature doesn’t work properly in version 1.0.0.
  • Hide From Memories (on) – Snap any photo or video from Memories and no one will know that the snap is from memories. This feature doesn’t work properly in version 1.0.0.
SnapFrogi ( image source- yalujailbreak.net)
  • Email Verify (on) – Blocks verification via email.
  • Phone Verify (on) – Blocks verification via phone number.
  • Hide Typing (on) – Your friends won’t know that you are typing in chat.
  • Famous User (on) – Turns on the famous user option and enables Insights for your Snapchat account. This option doesn’t work like it’s supposed to because it is server-sided. Therefore, Snap’s servers don’t let you access your account’s Insights since your account is not actually tagged as “famous”.
SnapFrogi ( image cource- yalujailbreak.net)
SnapFrogi ( image cource- yalujailbreak.net)
SnapFrogi ( image cource- yalujailbreak.net)
SnapFrogi ( image source- yalujailbreak.net)

SnapFrogi is fairly easy to install as it doesn’t have a DRM-Protection as doesn’t have a dedicated DRM bypass built into it.

Developers still warned users before using as it has no anti ban in the Tweak.

According to the developer, the upcoming update will include “anti-jailbreak detection”, so you can expect some level of protection. But, of course, until that feature goes live, you can push your luck and just install this tweak.

Still, if you want to try it you can do so, the developer is himself trying this Tweak on his device for 10+ days without any issue.


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