OBSBOT Tail – World First Auto Director AI based Video Camera

We have seen AI camera Features on our Mobile Phones with all Wide variety Features like Depth, Stickers and many more. We havent Seen something...

MusicLens: Worlds First Smart Music Glasses

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1150127049/musiclenstm-audio-glasses-listen-to-music-and-take MUSICLENS: This innovative piece of tech got my mind as I have never seen something like this before, a...

Zümi (Zumi): Learn Artificial intelligence and self-driving Car

In 2019, AI will be at its peak and so do the role of Self-Driving cars. In a way to make everything clear, we have...

FitBit Alta HR- Is this Really A Good Investment?

If you are a fan of Alta watches then you must have said this to yourself "I wish it read my heart rate".Now the company Fitbit has...

MATE X- E-Smart Bike , Not New But Just New Enough in 2018?

When we talk about e-bikes which are very common nowadays we generally think whether its reliable to buy such bikes. E-bikes come with integrated electric motor and...

Lumzag – The World’s most innovative Smart BackPack

We live in the 21st century and most of us are surrounded by Technology, there are very few people who can imagine themselves living without using technology....

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