Bypass iPhone X Face ID lockscreen
Bypass iPhone X Face ID lockscreen

It seems that iPhone X face ID did turn out to be good, Although it’s not deniable that it is a pretty long process and step to unlock and then reach out on the Home Screen.

However today we will demonstrate you a simple trick on how to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID without swiping up.

It is the star feature of Apple’s new mobile phone. Since the introduction of Apple in mid-September, details of the facial recognition function have not stopped being known. 

Those who have already had this terminal in hand did not take long to realize that it does not work as expected. 

However, there is a trick to getting Face ID on iPhone X to go faster. Is it capable of exceeding the unlock speed and process?

Many have still the questions that are emerging after unveiling this new feature capable of scanning our face to unlock the iPhone X through specialized hardware called TrueDepth camera located on the upper front of the device and with the help of the new A11 Bionic processor.

Apple calmed the waters affirming that Face ID will work even if we change our hairstyle, we wear sunglasses, the boat grows (in the case of men) and even sometimes in the case of twin people. And notifications on the screen can only be seen if we put our face close to the device. 

Advantages seem to have the innovative flagship feature of the Cupertino boys. On the other hand, the time it takes to unlock the iPhone X using Face ID is being compromised.

Today we have come across two different methods to Disable the swiping up gesture on the Face Unlock screen. Although it should be noted that these require Jailbreak so if you haven’t done yet. 

You are out of luck. Also, you can use any one of these whichever process you like, However, note to not Install Both for sure.



Using AUTOUNLOCKX you can bypass and unlock your iPhone X screen, This will work only when your device screen is turned on and is on the lock screen.

 And then you have to take your face and as usually show up to the true-depth camera and then it will automatically take you to the Home screen.

However, this is a Paid Package Tweak so you need to contribute to the developer SparkDev. Since Cydia is not available yet on the iPhone X.

Though, leaving those aside we have managed to get this tweak free for our users, So now all you have to do is Click on this link here, it will take you to the GitHub page and from there you have to follow and download the available data given there.

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The second option here is FastUnlockX which is almost the same as AUTOUNLOCKX but this is an absolute free tweak and the developer Carlos Perez aka CPDigitalDarkroom has decided no internal fee or patron structure for it,

Hence you can enjoy it on your iOS 11 device just like the paid one.

To make it work on your device, Head over to this link and download the ZIP file and just install it normally as any Cydia tweak, Here is the tutorial which can help you.

If you have any problems let us know in comments and we will try to help you guys.


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