Prime Accounts with Orders ( Email+Password ): is one of the biggest Product selling company online, Amazon has its own version of Amazon on every different country such as, and more while is widely used in the United States.

People Usually Search For Amazon Prime accounts which are alternatively Accounts. So, Today we will give you a few Amazon Prime / ( United States ) Accounts with Orders in the cart.

Let’s See the Few Features of

  1. Amazon Prime – This is a big customer acquisition tool for Amazon. Once registered a customer will keep coming back to Amazon. The customer has invested $79 to subscribe to a service. His goal is to derive the maximum value of the service. This results in more sales for Amazon.
  2. “Frequently Bought Together” and “Bought together” – This is a feature where people are given product suggestions based on what they are interested in. The quality of suggestions ensures that only relevant product suggestions are made.
  3. Large product catalog – You can almost get everything on Amazon. (Not everything but one of the largest catalog on the Internet”
  4. Search – People are not lost in the large catalog of products and are provided with good search results
  5. Product Reviews by Customers – Reviews helps people make decisions. An additional service that Amazon provides and makes it easier for customers to select a product.
  6. Amazon 1 click ordering – Conversions are crucial in the payment process. 1-click ensures there are no drop-offs there.
  7. Search Results – Amazon ranks high in search results for various reasons. It has many inbound links, has quality content, good product description, almost everything about the product.

Here Are Some Best Features Of Amazon Prime:

  1. Amazon prime supports ‘Prime Music’ which you can listen to ad-free music and you can download as well.
  2. Amazon also supports ‘Prime Video’ which you can watch or download videos.
  3. Prime supports ‘prime pantry’ which you can get an excellent discount on regular household items with additional applicable coupons.
  4. Prime offers ‘Two Day free delivery and they are working on to upgrade the delivery efficiency to one day’.
  5. Prime reading offers selected titles lending options and in INDIA  they can even be added to your collection.
  6. Another major advantage of prime customers in “Prime Day”, exclusive sale event for Prime Members which is comparable or better than Black Friday sales.
  7. Prime purchases are easily returnable and the moment you return your item to UPS/USPS your money will be credited back.
  8. “No question asked” returns on eligible items / Prime For US

  1. Amazon Prime has great video streaming. They are smart, and let you add other channels, like Britbox (UK shows), Acorn (even more UK

2. They do some Scandinavia-noire crime stuff. I don’t Watch US TV, it all the same.

3. No commercials.

4. Excellent customer care.

List Of Email+Passoword for Prime.

NOTE: Please don’t change the password it for everyone so please make sure everyone gets fair usage.

[email protected]:Reddragon

[email protected]:Villars3m

[email protected]:Beefy112

[email protected]:[email protected]

[email protected]:Corgie123

Use Them and Enjoy, Don’t Change Password.


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